Welcome to ISSS

International School for Sreesankaracharya Studies is instituted mainly for the propagation of Sankara Studies and this objective could be achieved only if there is specific frame work to channel the various programmes and an exclusive institute to conduct the study programme properly. Hence, establishment of a separate institute would help the University to fulfill mission bestowed on it.

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International School for Sreesankaracharya Studies
Ernakulam District
Kerala - 683574
Phone: 0484 246 3380

About Us

The primary objective of ISSS include conducting study and research in Philosophy of Sankara and his works in the light of Universal understanding.

Who lead us?

The University was established two decades ago in the name of the illustrious Indian philosopher Jagad Guru Adi Sankara in his place of birth at Kalady. The first University in Kerala state accredited with A Grade by NAAC in the First Cycle itself.

Who We Are

The major aims of the school are to promote and propagate the studies on the following:

  • Who is Sree Sankara
  • What is Sree Sankara Philosophy
  • Locating Advaita in the various Vedanta schools
  • Advaita in the shaddarsanas
  • Advaita in the light of non-vec/ic darsanas
  • Advaita and folk theatre
  • Advaita and /in Music works
  • Advaita and other world philosophies
  • Advaita and Chinese Philosophical Schools
  • Advaita and Japanese Philosophy
  • Advaita and Western Philosophies
  • Advaita and Scientific Movements/Schools
  • Advita and world religion

What We Do

International School for Sree Sankara studies intended to:

  • To conduct study and research in Philosophy of Sankara and his works in the light of Universal understanding.
  • To institute projects, fellowships, scholarships etc.
  • To publish journals, books and translations etc.
  • To establish Sree Sankara Museum, Digital gallery and mobile extension unit.
  • To conduct Short time awareness programmes for scholars, students and pilgrims etc. in and outside India.

What are the Scopes?

The scope of ISSS includes :

  • It shall be an ideal school for understanding Sree Sankara and for studying and conducting Research in the Darsana and works of Sree Sankara
  • It envisages to form vision of understanding, interpreting and analyzing the Darsanas of Sree Sankara for the benefit of General Public.
  • Conducting short term (Certificate or Diploma) courses for 6 months / one year under aegis of the School.
  • Printing and publishing the works of Sree Sankara in English and regional languages along with original Sanskrit Text with necessary interpretations.